Our Breeding

Our goal is to breed healthy, robust and type-rich golden retrievers. The matings should not reduce the gene pool, but represent a complementary pair and of course the health results of the parents are chosen as best as possible.

Our puppies grow up in our house. You will get to know everyday noises: vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, clearing and arranging dishes, doorbell, lawn mower, hair dryer, …

After a few weeks, our cats also get to know the puppies, which means that every puppy gets used to cats.

Our two children and their friends ensure that our puppy knows children from the beginning, but they know how to properly handle a dog. After a few weeks you will also explore our garden more and more often, where some play equipment, such as a balance board, is set up.

The small Esiebas grow up in the country, where we have the opportunity to get to know different animals (geese, chickens, pigs, horses, …) and are used to everyday situations: driving, strollers, bicycles, umbrellas, …

Our treasures are only awarded with a protection and purchase contract. At the time of delivery, our dogs are vaccinated, chipped and dewormed. The puppies are given to selected families who are also ready to do the breed-specific tests after one year. The puppy is selected so that it fits the family’s living environment well.

Since our puppies are very popular, we ask you to contact us in good time.